Universal PumpMaster 2020

PowerSafe Automation has developed, right here in the United States of America, the Universal PumpMaster 2020TM, a Patent Pending hands free pump station to help maintain a sanitary work environment for employees as part of their workplace safeguarding directives. This unit is universally designed to hold up to a 1-gallon jug of sanitizer, soap, pumice hand cleaner, and more, includes a user-friendly, spring-loaded paddle controlled by an ergonomic foot pedal activating the pump handle. Our sturdy, free standing frame uses modular T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion weighing only 20 lbs. and can be conveniently located anywhere.

This product is offered in (4) different styles to choose from and comes fully assembled with a user manual showing the modular adjustment ability. The first option is the SilverStreak 2020 with a clear anodize finish and open t-slots, the second option is the SilverStreak 2020C with a clear anodize finish with gray t-slot cover, the third option is the BumbleBee 2020 with a black anodize finish and open t-slots, and the fourth option is the BumbleBee 2020C with a black anodize finish with yellow t-slot cover.

This innovative product is used to provide support for the current and any future Pandemic Protection Protocols in efforts to help improve safety in the workplace. Places where this can and should be used is in manufacturing facilities, automotive dealerships and repair shops, gas stations, retail locations, hospitals, and other medical offices, recreational centers, schools & universities, grocery and department stores, bars & restaurants, off-highway rest stops, hotel lobbies, airports & rental car facilities, home improvement stores, and any other place requiring the upkeep of proper hygiene.

This product is vital in helping to aid with people’s safety in the workplace by offering this new Universal PumpMaster 2020TM, essential to reducing exposure to germs and minimizing the contraction of viruses through cross contamination for the current and future generations.

What is a T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion?

A T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion is a modular profile with a cross-sectional area creating slots for panels and fasteners for connection methods and accessories to be adapted to.  One of the common materials this profile is made from is 6063-T6 aluminum and has a a clear anodize finish for corrosion resistant protection and does not rust. 

The benefits of using T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion for machine guarding are the engineered modularity features for creating custom designs specific to each application, the lightweight but high-profile strength, the versatility of expanding framework and adding accessories, and the great aesthetic look.  Aluminum is easily cut, machined, and configured and can be done in a machine shop or configured in the field to aid in creating a proper fit.  This profile is also compatible with other T-Slot profiles allowing for easier integration or replacement of current projects.

Uses for this material is designing, building, and installing machine safety systems to improve workplace safety lowering a worker’s exposure to hazardous areas such as pinch points.  Safety should be valued as the number one priority, but time can be an excuse as to why this is de-prioritized.  Due to the benefits, this can speed up the time of building machine guarding for your facility.

Shawn Mantel is the owner and co-author of the @powersafeautomation blog posts, where he helps to educate and spark ideas with workers on how to improve workplace safety through turnkey safety guarding solutions.

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What are machine foot pedals?

A Machine Foot Pedal is an electronic device used in areas of machine operation. A Machine Foot Pedal allows a worker to cycle a press. This feature leaves the worker’s hands free during the cycle, which could be exposed to the hazard. When using a Machine Foot Pedal, safety guards must also be used on the press. The operation being performed will typically determine which type of safeguard is needed. Safety Light Curtains could be a solution for fast, repetitious part production without flying debris during its cycle. A Safety Switch Mat could also be used. For low volume parts and/or potential projectiles, hard guarding would be a better solution creating a Machine Enclosure.These Machine Foot Pedals are made up of Foot Pedal with a protective cover and used in conjunction with a safety module.The most important benefit of using a Machine Foot Pedal in conjunction with safeguarding offers is protecting your workers from injury and/or death.  

What are safety switch solenoids?

A safety switch solenoid is a keyed switch that adds a locking mechanism to the key holding the guard closed until the stored energy hazard has passed. Another benefit is that it can prevent damage to a part in process due to an inadvertent machine shutdown.The most important benefit a Safety Switch Solenoid offer is protecting your workers from injury and/or death.  Another major benefit is by protecting the future of your company.

What is a safety hinged-interlock switch?

Safety Hinged-Interlock Switch is an electronic safety device used in areas of personal protection. These devices are used in hard guarding applications with swing doors. These switches are used as position monitoring of the access doors by means of a switch integrated into the hinge. Fault-free function is ensured even with warped or misaligned doors.  The switch has an actuation angle of 180 degrees and is activated when the door is opened passed 6 degrees.Due to the sealed design, the Safety Hinge Switches can be used in high dust or particle areas.These Safety Hinge Switches are made up of the hinges with a switch, a hinge without the switch (for proper door functionality and alignment) and are used in conjunction with a relay and an M12 connection cable.These Safety Hinge Switches can offer up to a Category 4 safety rating.The most important benefit a set of Safety Hinge Switches offer is protecting your workers from injury and/or death. 

What are safety laser scanners?

A Safety Laser Scanner, also known as an area scanner, is an electronic safety device used in areas of personal protection or flexible field monitoring. These devices have definable and individual warning zones and protective fields programmable to your specific needs. These scanners provide a 270 degree scanning angle on a 2D plane ranging up to 6.25m or 246″.These Safety Laser Scanners are made up of the scanner and are used in conjunction with a relay and a set of M12 connection cables.These Safety Laser Scanners can offer up to a Category 3 safety rating.They are compact allowing for flexible installation locations staying out of harms way of moving material and material handling equipment. They can also be used in mobile applications.The most important benefit a Safety Laser Scanner offers is protecting your workers from injury and/or death. 

What is a trapped keyed interlock safety switch?

A Trapped Key Interlock Switch is an electronic safety device used in areas of personal protection. These devices are used in hard guarding applications with access doors. These switches force the operator through a predetermined sequence using a defined selection of keys, locks, and switches. It is called “trapped” key as it works by releasing and trapping keys in these predetermined sequences.Power interlocking the stop command directly interrupts the energy supply to the machine actuator.These Trapped Key Interlock Switches are made up of numerous configurations depending on your application.These Trapped Key Interlock Switches can offer up to a Category 4 safety rating.The most important benefit a set of Trapped Key Interlock Switches offer is protecting your workers from injury and/or death.